Dental Bridges

Once a tooth is lost, this gap is often optically closed with a dental bridge. If there are sufficiently strong teeth in the tooth gap exists, the bridge can be anchored to these. For this purpose it is necessary, at least one, but often two teeth to grind so far that they can crowning as bridge abutments.

However, if they caries-free, so you would have to sacrifice much healthy tooth substance. In this case, an implant is preferable for closing the gap, so the adjacent teeth can undamaged look towards a long life.

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Accurate detection of tooth form and color

The dental technicians use for accurate analysis of your tooth shapes the images of intraoral camera and the Shadepilot to measure the exact color effect.

Dental bridge costs

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Prices for dental bridges are for guidance only! A definitive medical expenses plan can our dentists only after making a panoramic radiograph and after a dental examination within the framework of the first consultation, arrange consultation for you.

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Zircon – Gems in the mouth?

Zircon is a material that is often found as part of jewelry such as necklaces and rings because of its gem same characteristics. Not only the jewelry industry is interested in the material, but also we dentists.

Zirconia has in crystalline form a very orderly crystal lattice, which gives the material an extraordinary strength and resilience. It keeps the constant, millions in life time occurring chewing load effortlessly stand and is perfectly suited to be processed as a material in crowns.

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Zirconia belongs to the group of ceramics, as well as the porcelain, with which it is coated later. In this way we get a full-ceramic restoration that does not contain metallic materials and therefore physically, chemically, biologically and optically is a real tooth closest. The light that is reflected from an all-ceramic crown, comes from the depth of the coating and are thus the natural pearlescent real teeth back. Since the ceramic scaffold compared to metal frameworks has a tooth-like color, can at the edges of the crown, where the porcelain coating is thin, no dark edge to be recognizable.

Titan – The tissue Friend

If you the all-ceramic crown is too costly, it is also possible to produce a crown made of titanium.

This metal is the only one that is completely neutral body. Its biocompatibility has already been proven in implantology by using titanium screws. These titanium screws, which are used in delicate bone tissue can for years, if not a lifetime stay in the bone without causing any irritation in the body.

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Dental temporary – you never remain toothless!

Our dental laboratory can you easily create a temporary tooth in a few hours or even minutes. A temporary, depending on the starting point, not as perfect as a final restoration, but you do not remain without teeth!

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