PEEK dentures

PEEK dental prosthesis – Implant-supported dentures

In our dental clinic in Hungary, we are working on combining the fixed and removable dentures with the respective advantageous material characteristics. In these cases, dental implants maintain a strong bridge which is only slightly supported by the gums, the gums adjacent to the implant remain free, so that they can be easily cleaned with simple brushing.

A removable part, which can be fastened with two bars, is placed on this bridge, so the prosthesis is simultaneously fixed but removable. The patient can take it out for cleaning. A small tool is used for opening the locks, which can always be found at the same position and the prosthesis can easily be removed. The advantages of this method lie in the used materials.

The removable part, also known as the secondary part, consists of a composite, PEEK for short, whose hardness is equivalent to human bone. We can fix prefabricated teeth or composite custom-made teeth onto it. That way, the crashing of the porcelain is avoided and instead of it there is a delicate contact which also protects the implants.

If a tooth is damaged or the gum retreats in the course of the years, these dentures can be easily repaired and relined outside of the mouth. This denture can be as large as the original teeth and, if necessary, it can be equipped with plastic gum, which serves as a support for the lips.

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