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Before every treatment a Treatment Plan is created which also contains the price quote. The first examination is free of charge.

If there are more than one available solutions for the problem they will be presented on a model for better understanding.

Panoramic X-ray 70 €
Partial panoramic X-ray 40 €
Dental CT 120 €
3D planning with Simplant software 60 €
Professional dental cleanig (15 minutes) 50 €
Professional dental cleanig (30 minutes) 70 €
Professional dental cleanig (45 minutes) 90 €
Teeth whitening for both jaws with Philips ZOOM 220 €
Porcelain crown (metal base) 320 €
All-ceramic crown (zircon base) 420 €
Veneer 500 €
Composite filling for one surface 45 €
Composite filling multi-surface 65-105 €
Porcelain inlay (single surface) 280 €
Porcelain inlay (single surface) 380 €
Root filling (1 root canal) 120 €
Root filling (2 root canals) 150 €
Root filling (3 root canals) 180 €
Root filling (4 root canals) 210 €
Professional root canal filling with microscope per canal 250 €
Medicated root treatment with microscope per canal 120 €
Tooth extraction 30 €
Tooth removal with exposure 70 €
Surgery costs 200 €
Alpha-Bio® implant 450 €
Metal post on implant 350 €
Zirconia post on implant 600 €
Total prosthesis 630 €
Partial denture/model cast denture 770 €
Temporary prosthesis 300 €


Our clinic guarantees that only the highest quality materials and the best techniques will be used for your treatment.

In case you would need a list of the producers of the materials used during your treatment, we will make sure you get all the informaon you need.

This way you can contact the manufacturer directy in case you have any quesons regarding allergies. This way you can also view the EU-cerficates of each of our manufactures

For this reason , we offer you an extanded warranty for the dental prosthecs manufactured by us

  • For implants: 5 years
  • For each metal ceramic crown: 2 years
  • For each ceramic crown: 5 years
  • For each plastic part (dentures, partial dentures): 2 years
  • For each precision element: 1 year
  • For veneers, inlays: 2 years
guarantee 2023

Guarantee condions 

  • Dental check-up and examinaon and mouth hygiene at least once a year (You can go to your local denst to have your examinaon and  dental hygiene treatment. You will need to get a statement from your local denst on their leer headed paper and send it to us via e-mail, to  prove you had a check- up, a dental hygiene treatment and any recommendaon your denst made in order to maintain the work.
  • Any treatments necessary to maintain the condion of the work recommended by the treang denst is done (e.g professional dental clean  & hygiene, overdenture founding)
  • Ordinary use of the denture
  • Denture is appropriately kept clean
  • The denture is not exposed to trauma and / or disease in the bone and / or gum
  • There is no debt on the account (all treatment is fully paid for) 

The Guarantee is not valid in the following cases 

  • Failure to aend annual check ups
  • Keeping your denture and / or crowns, bridge inappropriately clean, and in case of inappropriate dental hygiene ź Not ordinary use of the dental work (e.g extreme force bigger than the physiologic bing (occlusal) force that leads to increased loading  pressure of the denture / crown(s) / bridge
  • In case of smoking, there is no guarantee for dental implants, bone graing and so ssue (gum) treatment ź Mechanical damage to the removable denture (fall, combat sport or accidental drop)
  • Chemical damage caused by chemical agents (concentrated alcohol, chemicals)
  • Jaw diseases due to systemic diseases (such as infecons or cancer disease and the effect of their treatment) ź Accidents and the consequences of their emergency procedures and intervenons
  • Problems due to psychological illness, sickness or other mental disease
  • Root treatment as a consequence of earlier treatment to the tooth (filling, crown preparaon)
  • Allergies, dental diseases that start aer treatment not known prior to the treatment and the consequences thereof ź Damages established due to extreme use (teeth grinding at night, teeth pressing) 


  • A. In case you received a preliminary treatment plan via e-mail or by post, it might happen, that during the physical examinaon certain  changes in the plan have to be applied. If that is the case you will be informed.
  • B. During surgical treatments it might happen, that changes in the overall treatment have to be applied. This might result in changes in your  travel plans, for which the Dentalklinik Dr. Tóka will not be held responsible.
  • C. The Dentalklinik Dr. Tóka will not be held responsible for any financial changes of your stay or travel caused by changes in your treatment  like in point A. or point B.
  • D. This treatment plan was created by the Dentlaklinik Dr. Tóka and all payments have to be made to the Dentalklinik Dr. Tóka directly. 

During the treatment it might happen, that small changes have to be applied. I these cases small financial changes might occur about which the  treang denst might only be able to tell you aer the treatment (for example larger filling needed, than expected due to a larger cavity in  situaon that first sawn on the x-ray). 

In regard of the terms and condions as explained above you hereby agree to compensate financial changes in the treatment

You will also receive a written quote and by accepting it, you therefore give us a permission to start the treatment. Dependent on the success of the results from the above means we are able to give a substantially longer guarantee than in normal circumstances.

The guarantee is available for technical faults, unfortunately illnesses are not covered.

If you lose your implant within 5 years if it is possible it will be replaced with a new implant.
To be able to keep your guarantee yearly checkups are mandatory.
Unfortunately we are not able to provide guarantee for implants for smokers.


Every insurance company handles the payment differently. We will provide a “Treatment plan/quote for you which enables you to contact your insurance company and make enquiries regarding to your refund.


For the treatments, deposit is not needed. You always pay after the finished treatment or implants. Payments can be made in Euro or Hungarian Forint. Cash is preferred but bank transfers are also accepted.


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