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Dental Crowns

When a tooth is already infested by caries in several places or has several fillings, the use of a tooth crown is recommended. Such a crown keeps the tooth together, protects it against external agents and also offers an excellent chewing surface.

When creating a crown any fillings and damage such as tooth decay must be removed from the tooth in order to create a healthy, smooth surface for the attachment of the crown. If a too large part of the tooth is already missing, it will be constructed again using glass-containing composite material.


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What is a dental crown made from?

A crown consists of two parts: a fixed frame which holds the tooth together and protects it and a porcelain coating, creating the occlusal surface for chewing the and giving it a natural appearance.

Currently we propose in our dental clinic mostly ceramic, zirconium or metal frames, which are then coated with porcelain.

Dental crown costs

A dental crown with metal frame in our dental clinic in Hungary costs 320 Euro, including syringe and transitional prosthesis. Zirconium crown costs in our clinic 420 – Euro.

Prices for dental crowns are for guidance only!

A beautiful smile frees and makes one sympathetic

The smile is one of the person’s most important expressions. It helps us express happiness, confidence, attractiveness and kindness. Often, however, this symbol of the joy of life becomes a misery, namely if tooth discoloration, tooth gaps or misalignments prevent us in our expressions and in our language.

The consequences are the avoidance of laughter, covering mouth with the hand or reluctance to show up in public. Studies have shown how much such defects on our teeth reflect on our minds and make us unhappy.

But they also show how healthy and beautiful teeth improve our quality of life. Closing the teeth gap, treatment of its defects, healthy gums and beautiful teeth in general are so important not only for our bodies, but also for our soul.

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The Aesthetic Dentistry

Making artificial teeth look as real as possible, is a true art.

The play of colour and the depth effect of a natural tooth are caused by its varying transparency, through various shades of dentin and the surrounding enamel and through reflections of the gums. It is the art of the dental technician to reproduce this naturally by layering different porcelains.

For this reason, our dental technicians are present during your individual procedure as well as at delivery of your crowns to verify the results in your mouth and ensure your complete satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not hundred percent satisfied with the result, corrections can be carried out immediately, without need to make new appointment and come back or having to wear transitional prosthesis.

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